When you are new to a country, you need a lot of support and also information. When you arrive with children, you will meet other parents on a daily basis, since your children will go to school. Parents will want you to be an equal peer, to be involved in school life and also in the life of your children as much as they are involved.


When you arrive to a new country, especially with children, you have a lot of questions and also obligations. Your child will need health care, education, you will need family support and social services, but you will also have questions about housing, employment, legal status and several other issues.

This website tries to give you short, matter-of-fact, simple answers and guide you to services and authorities you can turn to when you have official things to deal with. You can choose the country you are interested in and also the language you want to read it in.

ParentHelp is for helping you, a newly arrived parent in this county as well as you as a welcoming parent in your country to build relationships and access information for our children – be them born in the country, in another one or on the way travelling to their current one.


Enter a library of training activities, reading material, short videos and pictures on good parenting with special focus on inclusion, embracing diversity and engaging newly arrived migrant children’s parents in your regular parenting activities.

The library includes the training programme developed for training trainers of parents for inclusion, but goes far beyond that. You can choose to read material for individual parents to improve your parenting skills and become more involved, for parents’ organisations, but also for trainers of parents and their organisations.

ParentHelp operates as two separate databases. Please note that you have to make separate registrations for INFO and LIBRARY.